Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s opportunities.

Technological innovation is rapidly changing how we live, work and play. It is up to us to make sure it is a source for the good. We will play our part to ensure that innovation eliminates scarcity and makes the world a better, safer, fairer, healthier and cleaner place for future generations.

That is why:

  • We scour the world for the best projects to invest in;
  • Identify projects that will have a truly positive global impact; and
  • Ensure that everything is in place to secure investor confidence and successful deliver

Some of the projects that we have already invested include:

  • Enabling early cancer diagnosis;
  • Finding new ways to convert natural substances into life enhancing products
  • Improving outcomes and safety in neurosurgery through an ARAI system
  • Developing innovative and safe blood substitute to cover the global blood donor deficit
  • Optimising energy consumption in buildings with variable occupancy
  • Using water flooding technology to improve oil extraction efficiency
  • Using cell therapy technology to improve the lives of people with Muscular Dystrophy and Sickle Cell Disease.

At Star Finder, we believe:

  • In converting great ideas into create great products and services to improve people’s lives around the globe
  • That great ideas come from teams that are truly open-minded and future-focused; which seek out and embrace different views, cultures and perspectives; and which have a thirst to apply new and emerging technologies to best effect.
  • That the fusion of creativity, technical expertise, vision and ambition is the foundation of great innovation.
  • That innovators must be given the capacity to experiment, to take risks and to try, perhaps fail, and to try again.

That is why we invest in teams from around the world that have the vision, skills and drive to turn great ideas into tangible reality and which are committed to making the world a better place.

We invest in disruptive technologies and help them going global

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