Optimization of energy consumption with Enabler DSR is a service which adapts the consumption of electricity and heat in buildings to its variable occupancy while maintaining comfort for users.

The benefits for customers are savings on electricity and heat, and in the near future, the revenues from the provision of services to the energy market by active energy consumers. It will also allow to shift electricity consumption off the grid’s daily peaks in energy demand.

VPPlant’s solution is a natural extension to its energy efficiency management systems designed for large civil and utility buildings (based on controlling the HVAC systems and self-learning algorithms).

Oasis Therapeutics is a company developing the mobile medical device for early diagnostics of pelvic floor muscle injuries.

The commercialized product is based on multiple years of research studies performed by Dr. Katarzyna Borycka-Kiciak.

Injuries of pelvic floor muscles after childbirth may lead to inconsistencies and severe pain as well as other symptoms which greatly impairs quality of life by self-imposed isolation, active and productive lifestyle limitations, social shame and embarrassment, symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Dystrogen Therapeutics is a life science company focused on rare diseases, it was founded based on the decades long work of Professor Maria Siemionow, MD, PhD.

The company has developed dystrophin expressing chimeric (DEC) therapy which is a candidate for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

This is a most common progressive muscle-wasting disorder with epidemiology of 1 case in every 3500 male birth, life expectancy of such patients is 25 years old.

Vortex Oil Engineering developed devices for Increased Oil Recovery during water-flooding method.

Vortex Oil technology is based on the vortex treatment (not separation) of flooding water in order to improve its oil layer penetration abilities (it increases oil production by 15-30% on a field) and simultaneously decreases usage of processed water by 6 times.

 It is applicable to all stages of oilfield maturity and showed excellent results on fields with water cut varying from 70% to 89%.

HiProMine produces proteins from insects and converts them into a feed and additives for animals.

The company developed technology for automated breeding and processing system of insects and opened the state-of-the-art, industrial scale production of insect-based proteins.

Company is aimed for cost-efficient industrial production of insect proteins for variety of products.