Prof. Maria Siemionow, founder of one of our flagship companies, Dystrogen Therapeutics, was awarded the title of the Businesswoman of the Year 2017 in the category of Science and Business. The Gala of the 9th edition of the competition "Businesswoman od the Year" organized by the Foundation “Business Written by the Lipstick” was held in Warsaw on 1 March 2018.
Prof. Siemionow, born and raised in Poland, is orthopaedic and reconstructive transplant surgeon in US appointed as a Professor of Orthopaedics and Director of Microsurgery Research at The University of Illinois, Chicago. She is a member of the academic-industry team known as the Warrior Restoration Consortium, which focuses on the development of clinical therapies and new treatments for wounded soldiers as part of the Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Professor Siemionow serves on the editorial board of nine professional society journals and is an ad hoc reviewer for six professional society journals. She has published more than 320 scientific articles and has edited three plastic surgery textbooks, two popular science books, and has contributed to 58 published book chapters. Professor Siemionow is recognized for leading a team of surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation that performed the first face transplants performed in the United States.

Nanogroup, A Group of three Bio-Tech companies including two companies invested by Starfnder and managed by our Venture Partner Marek Borzestowski, succesfully completed IPO on the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Nanogroup SA is a Poland-based company engaged in the biotechnology sector. The Company focuses on the investment in, as well as development of advanced biotechnological projects in the areas of cancer prevention, early diagnosis, targeted cancer therapies and ontological rehabilitation. Its projects portfolio includes NanoVelos, which is responsible for the creation of drug delivery system for proven oncologic medicines to optimize their performance; NanoSanguis, which develops artificial blood to keep alive patients wounded in accidents, as well as a system, named Organ farm, to preserve human organs ex vivo, and NanoThea, which is dedicated to technology that detects cancer cells in early stage.